SEFA: System for Environmental Flow Analysis


home page image.Several recent technological and generational changes have led to the need for improved approaches to riverine habitat modeling and more comprehensive environmental flow assessments. The Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (IFIM) described an impact assessment framework but did not create the comprehensive software which would allow for a complete implementation of that framework. SEFA, System for Environmental Flow Analysis, is new software that implements the substance of the IFIM.
SEFA has been created through a collaboration of the primary creative forces behind the principal versions of existing physical habitat simulation software. Bob Milhous (PHABSIM), Ian Jowett (RHYHABSIM), and Tom Payne (RHABSIM) have contributed their considerable experience acquired through development and use of these programs, and Juan Manuel Diez Hernández provides both his experience and Spanish-language capability.
In a single Windows 7 and Windows 10 – compatible 32-bit and 64 bit programs currently available for purchase on this site, SEFA contains one dimensional habitat hydraulics analysis, habitat suitability criteria development, water temperature modeling, sediment transport analysis, dissolved oxygen modeling, riparian modeling, and time series analysis, and externally references to legal-institutional analysis and two dimensional modeling.

SEFA has the ability to apply multivariate habitat models, as well as the standard habitat suitability criteria. Software for the development of these models, as well as other statistical analysis functions, is available for free.

This new tool and a not-for-profit technical and educational support structure will ensure continuity into the future for the critical science of instream flow evaluation and environmental flow protection.

A program for converting Teledyne RD WINRIVER ADCP ascii files or EXCEL files created using SonTek RiverSurveyor Live into an EXCEL file suitable for import into SEFA is also available for download.